We have a selection of patented consulting methodologies. We believe simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. You will get an summary and an aggregated view with accurate supporting detail in our analysis, plans and proposals. Our products are referenced with the Top Organizations Nationally and Internationally.

We can facilitate an interview with real customers, that can answer your specific questions in the context of you industry. They can be presented to you under a Non Disclosure Agreement. They are a set of consulting building blocks to do a quick gap assessment, help formulate a strategy and a step by step tactical and operational plan to do the transformation.

Please send us a email on and we will contact you to introduce you to these product offerings.


Gauteng Technical Manufacturing Initiative has no primary Vendor Product. It has many referral partner agreements and have access to all best of breed management technologies.

Our current business model does not allow us to resell or to influence a sale, but we will however do the software maintenance an d services around that. For the reseller we drive more value to the customer, and to the customer we protect the investment.

Our Margins on these Services are very competitive and please contact our Sales Division for more Details.


We do fix price and time and material projects. Most of our consultation projects are fixed price contracts, they drive a deliverable. In our Build, Operate Transfer (BOT) Projects we use the time and material model. These costs are lower and have due to their nature longer timeframes.

Please contact the Sales Division for Specific Offerings and Pricing.