Frequently Asked Questions

Is this another reseller that sells Product and use consulting to achieve this?

  • Definitely not. We are not reselling Management Software.

    This provides Gauteng Technical Manufacturing Initiative with an independent and agnostic brand. Customers can safely trust the recommendation as it is not driven by a technology we sell. If Gauteng Technical Manufacturing Initiative does not have a vendor relationships, how can they be technology experts?

    • Our relationships with the vendor is much more intimate than those of the resellers. We help vendors position their products more accurately, and when we are involved projects have a higher success rate.
    • Gauteng Technical Manufacturing Initiative relationships in multiple areas of organizations, not only technical champions and their managers. We have relationships across organizations business units. These relationships with the Vendors are Unique.
    • Gauteng Technical Manufacturing Initiative has the practical experience of deploying the Vendor Products much more efficiently and delivering value across the enterprise, this elevates the vendor value to Customers. Vendors provide much more detail to Gauteng Technical Manufacturing Initiative, for example not just pricing, but ROI and TCO information. Not just Product Documentation, Architecting, Re-Usable Project Documentations, and Detail Integration and Roadmap Information.
    • Gauteng Technical Manufacturing Initiative therefor have a much more Intimate Sustainable Relationship. We do Vendor Factory Visits with Customers and attend most Vendor Tradeshows, Reference Customers are visited more often.

How does Gauteng Technical Manufacturing Initiative compare to International Management Consulting Houses?

  • Gauteng Technical Manufacturing Initiative provides local perspective to it. A vendor technology might be strong in North America, but does not make it strong in Europe or Middle East and Africa. We also consider the Systems Integrator Strengths in country. And the Geographical Maturities. Our Consultation is more comprehensive but manage the detail.
  • International Consulting Houses has a conceptual and at a high level approach, our consultation include the assessment of the technical detail. Assumptions does not guarantee results, but can deliver nasty surprises.
  • Many of our engagement with Customers and Vendors expose us to the results of these consultations. They are sometimes very focused and for that reason incomplete. An example is a ITIL Focus, this leaves about 80% of the South Bound Management Domains out.

Should I believe everything the Vendor Sales People Say and Commit?

  • Gauteng Technical Manufacturing Initiative has an intimate understanding of the local installed base and the projects successes. In many Cases only 30% is realized when 100% is sold and expected.
  • Some of our Customers like yourselves sometimes fall victim to this, Gauteng Technical Manufacturing Initiative Understands the pitfalls and pro-actively empower you to circumvent them. Ensuring Accurate Success.