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Critical Thinking – The ability to think clearly

Skills development training means more and better opportunities. It means that jobs can be considered where unskilled workers would never be able to undertake. Skills are a key to the economy growing, businesses expanding and job creation. Gauteng Technical Manufacturing Initiative and Aqua Bella join forces to offer a learnership programme in critical thinking.

We believe that the ability to think clearly and rationally is important in whatever we choose to do. Our training programmes is based on the list of critical and scarce skills, at the same time we are constantly seeking to improve and expand on these programmes to ensure we stay current and even ahead of the ever-changing needs in the industry.  For in case you work in engineering, technology, finance, management or the legal profession, then critical thinking is obviously important. But critical thinking skills are not restricted to a particular subject area. Being able to think well and solve problems systematically is an asset for any career hence we have introduce these skills training programme.

The programme will be 30% theory and 70% practical. Theory training will be more classroom based and practical will be classroom and workplace. These critical training will be of great importance to candidates as they will gain practical experience on many aspect of life and that in in the workplace getting them ready to be employable and have the necessary skills that will give them an advantage breaking into the corporate world.

If our country is to achieve major economic growth, we need better access to high-quality and relevant skills development. Our training opportunities, in supporting economic growth is essential. Only by providing such increased access, will it be possible to reduce inequalities and unemployment, and at the same time promote employability and participation in the economy. Equipping the workforce with the skills required for the jobs of today, and those of tomorrow is a strategic concern in the national growth and expansion of all developing economies.

We aim to play a pivotal role in closing the skills gap in the country, facilitating the transfer of essential skills, knowledge and expertise, and helping to grow the economy. By doing so, workers can fulfil their potential and make meaningful contributions to the economic growth of the country, and the manufacturing and engineering sector is equipped to play its significant part on this economic development journey.




Project 2850

As COVID-19 cases increase on a daily basis, lots of companies are shutting down and unemployment is on the rise more especially among youth.

Gauteng Technical manufacturing Initiative (GTMI) has reaffirmed its commitment to job creation and skills development training. We shall work in compliance measures of lockdown regulations to protect our employees and students that will be doing their skills training.

With a pandemic that has dealt a massive blow to the South African economy, with particularly harsh repercussions for young people, GTMI project 2850 has currently recruited 400 learners to do a Critical thinking skills and work readiness learnership for a period of 12.

The learnership will unable young people mostly who are affected by unemployment to gain workplace skills and experience in return for them to be employable and have certain skills required in the workplace. We will equip our learners with relevant skills training to make them work ready.

GTMI remain focused on the path towards empowerment and employment, project 2850 will see more people being recruited to enter different programmes such as customised enterprise and supplier development. We believe that these initiative will be of great importance and benefit to our learners.

Together with our stakeholders will continue empowering our citizens and contribute towards much needed skills and job placements, these is to ensure that more people are employed and our economy grows.



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