Enterprise & Supplier

BBBEE companies have, due to the Enterprise Development Programme interventions, managed to increase their share of work from SOEs significantly. Here are some tools and methods GTMI uses to attain TMR through enterprise & supplier development.

Technical Shop Floor Intervention


Black owned industrialists are starting to supply Transnet and other SOCs

Using customised innovative solutions GTMI through 100% black owned service provider, is doing interventions in small black owned companies to transform and make these companies highly competitive.

This intervention has several stages. It commences with an evaluation of the owner’s willingness to improve and adopt modern production methods, mentoring, and guiding a change process that will result in changing the factory layout to improve productivity, quality and employee empowerment to take decisions at the lowest level.

Radical industry Transformation


GTMI’s current business plan and subsequent activities will be based on achieving radical transformation in the technical manufacturing sector.

Business model development


Development of new efficient business models to transfer ownership to majority black equity holding. Transforming black industrialist’s business models to radically transform the technical manufacturing landscape.

Inward Investments


Inward investment groups from Germany, Korea and Portugal have been hosted in Gauteng in partnership with the AIDC.